Funny Car Fever! Build Your Own Altered Wheelbase Funny Car with this 90 Minute DVD

Watch as a 1963 Dodge Dart is transformed from a bland economy car into a Match Bash legend. In this 90 minute DVD you’ll learn how to move the rear axle forward, replace the front suspension with a beam axle with leaf springs and massage the body work to blend the modifications. Also included are drive tests and build overviews of Steve Magnante’s Wilshire Shaker altered wheelbase 1963 Nova and 4.6 Liter DOHC powered Funny Fairmont 1981 Fairmont. Bonus footage includes a look at Steve Magnante’s collection of rare vintage funny car magazines and model cars. Its all yours for just $22.00 with FREE SHIPPING. See the PAY-PAL LINK BELOW to order.




I still love to build model cars. The only problem is I just don’t have time to properly paint and detail them like I used to. I solved the problem by simply building them straight out of the box! That’s right, I blast them together without any paint or decorations and have been doing this for years. The truth is, the folks who design and create plastic model kits for you and me to build are artists. I get a huge kick out of seeing how well they render parts in miniature and love to assemble kits right out of the box. I always use Super Glue so the work is permanent, these models will not fall apart over time or if exposed to sun light. I have a ton of these assembled model cars all over the place and sell them for $110 each (includes free shipping) with my autograph and a digital photograph of me holding it before shipment. Why not buy one and stick it on your office desk or display case? You can say “Steve Mags built it for me”! To buy a model, just choose one (or more) from the 24 cars shown in the display case then tell me what you want me to write on the roof with my autograph. BEWARE, SOME MODELS SHOWN ARE SOLD. CALL 508-637-1514 FOR LATEST AVAILABILITY INFO. First Come, First Served