Welcome to the OFFICIAL STEVE MAGNANTE YOUTUBE CHANNEL. This is YOUR DESTINATION for Junkyard Treasure Hunts, Funny Car Fun, Altered Wheelbase Action, Model Car Mayhem and all of the fun, accurate automotive stuff you’ve come to expect from me over the past 25 years. Stay Tuned for all kinds of fun and informative automotive activities. It’s been at least ten years since I was told: “Steve, you MUST create your own YouTube Channel!!!”. Well, HERE IT IS! Enjoy!!!!


Steve Magnante’s Super Models – MotorTrend on Demand

Steve Magnante is a car guy of epic proportions and a car builder of miniature scale — 1:25 scale, to be exact. He’ll toss the instructions aside to custom-build some of his favorite cars. Drawing from his encyclopedic mind, his vault of vintage magazines, and a near junkyard worth of spare parts, Steve hot rods ordinary kits to become extraordinary glimpses into automotive history.


You can call me Steve Mags, it’s easiest that way. You’ve seen me on the BARRETT-JACKSON auction block and Roadkill’s JUNKYARD GOLD on Motor Trend. You’ve read my technical and feature stories in HOT ROD, CAR CRAFT and MUSCLE CAR REVIEW magazines (and many others). You’ve seen my books; “How-To Build Altered Wheelbase Cars”, “Rusted Muscle; A Collection of Derelict Dream Machines” and “Steve Magnante’s 1,001 Muscle Car Trivia Facts”, “Steve Magnante’s 1001 Corvette Facts” and “Steve Magnante’s 1001 Mustang Facts” (all of which are available from CARTECHBOOKS.com, as well as my twice-weekly podcast “The Steve Mags Muscle Car Show”.

I am an automotive journalist, automotive historian, drag racer, car builder and TV host with over 30 years in the business.

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