S2 Ep4 – Funny Car Follies, Part Two: More Of The Day Brutus Crashed The Steve Mags Muscle Car Show

A 1997 telephone interview between Steve Magnante and Don Williamson, second owner of the legendary Brutus 1965 altered wheelbase funny car. Williamson describes the circumstances that led to near destruction of Brutus during a 1968 accident at the Irwindale Dragstrip.Support the show (https://www.buzzsprout.com/1340482)
  1. S2 Ep4 – Funny Car Follies, Part Two: More Of The Day Brutus Crashed
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For millions of TV viewers, Steve Magnante has been an integral part of the Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions, sharing his wealth of knowledge on American muscle cars. Steve is also world renowned as an author of books like Rusted Muscle, 1001 Muscle Car Facts and also for his 8 years as Technical Editor for the iconic HOT ROD Magazine. If you’re like Steve, the sight of a junkyard – ANY junkyard – stops you in your tracks. You’ve GOT to get inside and see what’s there. Then you will love to tag along with Steve on his newest video adventures in The Junkyard Crawl!


When I do TV work, there is a lot of time to sit around while technical details are handled. So I build model cars to pass the time. Here are some models I’ve built and am selling for $110 each (free shipping in the USA and Canada). I use super-glue so they’re permanent and won’t fall apart. They’re not painted because TV and video crews shun the smell of paint on the set. Also, the plastic kits are pretty neat to build all by themselves. Adding paint sometimes gets in the way of the pure joy of assembly. Why not buy one of the car models shown here and stick it on your office desk or display case? You can say “Steve Mags built it for me”! To buy a model, just choose from the 24 cars shown in the display case then tell me what you want me to write on the roof with my autograph. To get current availability call Steve at (508) 637-1514.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I’m not busy with one of the Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions on SPEED, I’m available to speak at YOUR car club meeting, car show or other automotive event. I am also available for work (selectively) as a paid spokesperson at industry trade shows like SEMA. In 2011 and 2012 I was hired by MSD Performance to give live hourly demonstrations of the new MSD Atomic EFI system.


I am also available to host commercial and / or industrial videos. I have appeared in a national network and cable TV ad campaign for the 2007 Dodge Hemi Charger and have done numerous how-to and instructional videos for companies like MSD, Mothers, COMP Cams, Royal Purple, Redline Dodge.com and others. Let me bring my credibility and knowledgeable presentation to your commercial or instructional videos. Contact me at 508/637-1514 or hemimagneto@aol.com for information about rates and terms.